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i’m writing a thing and,

'Leaving 'Artemis' behind wasn’t like jumping ship, it was more like loading herself into the biggest cannon on the slowly sinking S.S. Sanity, and launching her consciousness into the void that was the world without Wally West.'

someone stop me before i hurt the world.

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Young Justice: Kid Fate by *farfie-kins

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Not feeling inspired so I doodled hiccstrid

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make me choose»  asked me: Malia or Isaac?

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hey if you’re new around here or even if youve been following me for a long time

this is a reminder that you’re 100% welcome to respond to anything and everything i say. send me asks commenting about posts or telling me about your day, or random facts or questions or ANYTHING I LOVE HUMAN CONTACT AND ANY ATTEMPT YOU MAKE TO CONNECT WITH ME IS A BEAUTIFUL THING

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imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian

Um, hello sir!

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on a scale of 1 to ‘he traded his fucking ship for her’ how otp-y is your otp

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